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​Seasonal Body Polish/Hydration 

After a lymphatic body brushing, our customized scrub and moisturizing body butters are massaged onto the body for the ultimate in hydration, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed.

50 min $115

Halotherapy | 45 min.

Dry Salt therapy is an all natural method of controlling and improving respiratory and skin conditions. Enhances the clearance of mucus, reduces bronchial hyper responsiveness, provides anti-inflammatory properties, clears allergens and pollutants from lungs. 

$25 Per Person

Body Soaks | Times May Vary

Submerge into the heated, jetted tub lavishly adorned with special blends for detoxing, relaxing, energizing, or simply calming. Special recipes customized to your wishes, along with your favorite sipping beverage. 

Call for pricing

Foot Bath | 45 min.

Whether you’re in from a hike, tired from your job, suffer from Achilles' tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or just are on the go a lot, our special soaking recipes are designed to renew and refresh, while the massage and exfoliation of calves and feet will rejuvenate and revive even the most tired toes.


Migun Table | Walk Ins Welcome

Migun Therapy provides a treatment method that focuses on reducing pain levels by incorporating the science of movement. It helps to improve, restore, maintain and maximize motion, functional strength and overall well-being by addressing underlying issues. It is an FDA-approved Class II medical device designed to treat many different kinds of pain, including those resulting from both acute and chronic conditions.

Single Session $15 
Series of 8 $50 | Series of 16 $100

​Inversion Therapy | Walk Ins 

Walk-ins welcome. Two popular, and effective, therapies for your aching back in one! The Ironman Infrared Heat Therapy Inversion Table uses inversion to relieve back pressure and decompress your spine while Carbon Fiber F.I.R. (Far Infrared Rays) elements in the foam backrest gently warm muscles to increase your blood circulation and speed healing. Improve your posture, strengthen your back, reduce problems sleeping, and ease stress.

Part of Robe & Towel Fee ($20)
Not available on weekends 



Body scrubs help bring youth and vitality back to your skin, through antioxidants, exfoliation, and nourishment. 

Experience the ultimate in lavish pampering  with our body wraps while detoxifying, toning, slimming & hydrating. 

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