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Welcome to Fusions Spa and Wellness

At Fusions we have created a transformative, healing experience in a nurturing and soothing spa environment. We all have the ability to create anything we desire in this life, especially health and vitality. In the spaces at Fusions, you can find your sanctuary, your place of healing, and your place of calm.

Whether you have an entire day or just an hour, we have created spaces to offer you a retreat, wellness, or simply quiet moments.

We have the amazing potential to heal and transform ourselves through our thoughts, perceptions and our ability to let go of stress. When we take the time to quiet our thoughts, it allows the mind to let go of old patterns of
thinking and feeling, and the body can learn to
heal itself.

Connect with the healing power of nature in our garden courtyard…walk the labyrinth, rock away your busy thoughts, recline on a ‘fainting’ chaise, share tea, wine and a lighthearted chat with a friend.

About the Owners

After 35 straight days on the job, Jeannine Sowers is sorely in need of a spa day. The irony of it is, she’s been at the spa all month. Actually, all year.


Sowers and her husband Joel have been working since March 2013 to transform the old Moody Funeral Home building on Sylva’s Main Street into the new home of Fusions Spa. It’s been a long road. 


“We kept asking ourselves through the entire process, ‘Why are we doing this? Tell me again why we’re doing this,’” Sowers said. 

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